On Words to the Truth

On Words to the Truth

By: Heather Nanni

When we can no longer                                                                       

dance and play      

we are left with words                                                                             

Only words to say                                                                                  



Words and truth    

Oh what folly!




Add it to the wine                                                                                      

So we drink and dine                                                                           

We feast on lies                                                                                    

and we think


Of honest days                                                                                 

when we danced and played                                                               

and now 


round and round and round we go                                                        

the truth, the truth                                                                             

words cannot tell


So we twist and bend                                                                            

we turn and convolute                                                                            

and say and say                                                                              


No truth


Just words upon words                                                                         

we feast                                                                                                

And we think, we deceive                                                                     

And we search                                                                                     

For what?                                                                                             

For what?                                                                                         



We do not know                                                                                   

For left with only words                                                                          

the self cannot show                                                                          


its truth




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