“La Vita e’ Triste” Redux

“La Vita e’ Triste” Redux

By: Heather Nanni

photo.JPG Winter

You think all is well, all is fine.

But this life is sad by design.

Comedy needs the tragic thread.

Humor is born when we have bled.

When peace abounds, winged Eris waits.

A golden apple holds your fate.

In due time discord will arrive.

Only the strongest can survive.

But Thanatos takes even those.

He whisks all to death’s darkest throes.


All joy shall pass.

All sorrow shall pass.

We shall pass.

In this knowledge sadness resides.

Only time is eternal.


Time leaves us in its wake.

As our bodies crumble to dust

As our memory fades to ash

Thine self this life does take.

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