Dance of the Dryads

photo.JPGForest Tree

Dance of the Dryads

By: Heather Nanni

I feel the leaves beneath my feet.

I hear the sound of the branches snap.

I am lost and this wood is dark.

From this place I cannot retreat.


Mighty Artemis protect me.

Please treat me as that sacred stag.

Do not hunt me through this forest.

But for the trees I cannot see.


So now I spy the dryads dance.

Unlucky wanderer I am!

To understand this life I live,

I now fear I may lose my chance.


Enchanted, I watch each nymph move.

I am mesmerized by their grace.

As a chorus they do not play.

Each one, her own talent to prove


I, their captive audience, spins.

Trying to catch a glimpse of each

Hoping one will show me the way

out of this place before fear wins


But I have lost my chance.

I cannot see my way out.

They have linked arms and skip around me.

I am a prisoner of the dryads’ dance.



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