Mid-November Rose

Mid-November Rose

By: Heather Nanni

Mid November 1 Not 9

The hour has almost arrived

when the first snow will fall.

It’s shimmering beauty

will bring you death.

Mid November 2

Even still, you stand tall, regal

among your fallen comrades.

In you I see no fear-

only defiance.

Mid November 3 Alternate

Seized by fallen leaves.

The gray tide of winter engulfing the sky.

You remain-

alone and brave.

Mid November 4

You sprout new life

in the face of impending death.

And we are awed by your courage.

Mid November 5

Do you mourn your fate

that you will perish in your prime

while your sisters withered with old age?

Mid-November 6

In the face of the end

you have never been more beautiful, radiant, alive.

Mid November 3


Do you know?

Do you know?

You must-

and yet here we find you.

Mid November 8


A final reminder that beauty resides in this place.

Mid-November 1

And as you hold strong

Willing the storm to pass

We too pray

for theĀ courage to do the same.

2 thoughts on “Mid-November Rose

    • Thank you Dennis! Having just discovered your blog, I took some time to read your work and was absolutely mesmerized. I am honored that you read and liked my poem. I am looking forward to enjoying more of your poetry.

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