The Way It Goes

Jingle bells

sleigh bells

twinkling lights

and parties

of impossible expectations

and forced merriment

feasts which fill

empty hearts

longing for what we don’t have

while pretending that we do

and true gratitude

with a bit of guilt

for all that is ours


by the clink of glasses

and a toast

of fond farewells

and wishes

which ache within us

as longing

carries us into the next


and drives

and chicken dinners

and joy

and fear

and work

and doubt

and effort

and cheer

and tears

which bring us back to

jingle bells

1 thought on “The Way It Goes

  1. forced merriment…i skip those parties.

    gratitude …yes, much; guilt…nope…i share much.

    IF we are fortunate we will hear the bells again.

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