When I am dead and gone

please let our history be.

I never meant to hurt you.

Of that I promise.  Can’t you see?


Please do not tarnish what we had

with memories dark as night

of things I can’t recall I did

before my soul took flight.


Please let the good that is now

be the beauty that remains.

When I have left your side

let my memory not cause you pain.


And so let us enjoy this time

while we are here as one

before night settles in

and my soul leaves to meet the sun.


Memories Made

When the mind can no longer sustain

memories made

we cobble together history

from the scraps

heaped in piles

and tucked into basement corners.


My heart breaks

knowing that I will forget you

as you are now.

So I build a fortress

of things

to shield us

from time’s relentless bombardment. 


And as my memory disappears into dust

the rubble that remains

still contains

pieces of the history of us.

Dance Us Away

Yes, yes.

That’s the song.

Fix me a drink, love,

and let’s dance

like we did

in the vecchia’s apartment

when it was all

Paolo Conte

and wonderful

and awful;


and vodka;

when New York grew

too small

and the world


and scary.

Come, love.

I can’t breathe.

Dance us away.

That’s it.

It’s wonderful.

Yes, yes, yes.

I still dream of you.

Into January

Into January

By: Heather Nanni

photo (3)

The landscape so barren and dry

Stark contrast to the light inside

Both are dead worlds where we reside

All wrung out of tears left to cry


Silent streets echo silent night

Peering through glass opaque with frost

Hoping to find that which is lost

Seeking what is beyond our sight


Whisper, whisper, whisper a prayer

To lift the stone atop your chest

So it can heave and you can rest

To peacefully breathe new year’s air


Go out, listen as the breeze sings

Watch delicate flakes softly fall

From heaven they come gentle, small

To rid the ache the season brings