Memories Made

When the mind can no longer sustain

memories made

we cobble together history

from the scraps

heaped in piles

and tucked into basement corners.


My heart breaks

knowing that I will forget you

as you are now.

So I build a fortress

of things

to shield us

from time’s relentless bombardment. 


And as my memory disappears into dust

the rubble that remains

still contains

pieces of the history of us.

3 thoughts on “Memories Made

    • Thanks Steph. It’s strange. I think it’s more that I’m absolutely terrified by how quickly time seems to pass. That and the fact that I’m witnessing my mother’s memory starting to fade. Ahhhh…life. It’s beautiful, but so very sad. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming.

      • oh dear, you and me …yah, so scary how the aging/life is slipping away quickly…and we are powerless to stop it and yet, we feel like slowly we are wasting away….

        I am mindful of the same and worry that i wont get to see special moments ahead…i.e. weddings, graduations,

        …and getting to experience those many dreams i hold within my heart. I hope that i dont die with regrets.

        BUT, most importantly, i am sad for your mom and I know how you feel as my mom is going thru the same thing. She seems to be having less pleasures and has even quit her ADC and i must go see why. She seems very alert some days and other days seems to have some big brain bleeps. I guess it doesnt help she lives with chronic pain and that obliterates my mind and memory too.

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