For One To Whom This Should Not Be…

For one to whom this should not be for you

were meant to love me.

But, so confused, you thought me you

and misread my heart as yours.

But in my heart love was there

even as you cast blame for all your hurt and pain

upon the one who was always true.


Together, we journeyed-across oceans, through time.

We stood upon a thousand shores and gazed upon a thousand reflections

until land and pool, person and image blurred into your vision

of a dark world of black waters and jagged rocks.


In your vessel we voyaged to fantastic lands

of whispers and gods and monsters and secrets


I left you for a fortunate isle.

I left you to journey alone

into your will

into your darkness

into your end.


I think I will whisper truth, truth, truth into the wind.

Perhaps a gull will carry my message and perch herself upon your ship’s mast

and whisper





When you reach your end, will you know?

Know the truth.

It is my hope-not for vengeance but for justice that only the truth can yield.

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