Rotten Day

Bad day

Of my own choosing

My own choices

My own rotten thoughts

My anger

My fear

All that is mine alone

This day was all mine.


During that fleeting moment

when the sun did shine

I took little notice

except to realize

how dark darkness can be

when juxtaposed with light.


Fix us a drink love

and sit with me.

Perhaps tonight

we can save this rotten day.

An Impractical Sadness

Why do these tears rise so close to the surface?

Like the countless drops that fill the swollen river

and wait to overflow its banks,

so too do these tears wait to fall.

They are tears of loss

of the past

of the present

of the awareness that-

as the river washes away the earth-

time washes away life.

These tears will spring forth

from the most joyful moments

and flow from the impractical sadness

of knowing

that life

and death

are one.